Beth Slater WinnicK


abstract art expressionistic


emotional abstraction



To express thoughts and feelings through emotional abstraction utilizing color as a primary form of communication.  And to give the viewer a place to think. 


My hope is that pieces are felt on an emotional level rather than just viewed on a visual plane.  They are designed to be figuratively climbed into and wrapped up in for literal contemplation of What Is Important.  As these concepts are different and evolving for each individual, thus is my work. 


Having worked for Senator Edward M. Kennedy on issues including poverty, education, health care and the arts, and then at the United Nations Association communicating humanitarian plights to business leaders, I was touched by and forced to look at issues many individuals live with and others only read about.  I examined topics that are typically easier to turn from than to focus on.  Going through 9/11 just twenty blocks from Ground Zero made an enormous impact on me.  I knew that I would take these feelings that simmered within and eventually pour them out, creating a body of work. 


As I paint, I think, although even more, I feel – the shock and losses of September 11th, the faces of children playing in minefields, friends who battled and lived with HIV/AIDS, families who lost their homes paying for cancer treatments, and the courageous individuals I encountered who testified before Congress in their attempt to improve the lives of others whom they never even met.  The colors on the canvases are not only my acrylics of choice; the hues pour out of my veins.  I think in color, I feel in color, and so I paint vibrantly -- in color.


My art Whirled...

Glimpses of paintings, at top (clockwise from left) -


Diving toward the Sky;

A Study in Grief;




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